Grouped thematically into the following clusters...

Under Favourites you will find a grab-bag of links that are especially useful.

Under Local matters are links relating to urban design in Montréal (not including local firms).

The Government resources page contains links to various government agencies in Québec, across Canada, and elsewhere that are of interest to urban design.

Under Maps, airphotos, and image databases are links to online maps and aerial photos, as well as online banks of images.

The Research cluster includes links to research groups and institutions active in urban design or related areas.

Under Publications you'll find links to scholarly journals, blogs, and other media.

The People cluster comprises links to the websites of practitioners, observers, and critics of urban design, both far and wide.

The Language and thought cluster includes a useful and entertaining array of links to sites addressing recurrent issues in communication.

Under Key topics are links related to major areas of research and practice in contemporary urban design, including current projects in the joint McGill/Université de Montréal urban design programs.

Under Professional practice are links to the professional organisations with which urban designers are generally affiliated, as well as a listing of firms specialised in urban design in Montréal, across Canada, and abroad.

Under Urban design in Canada is a set of links to Canadian institutions, agencies, and firms doing work related to urban design.

Under Real estate resources are links to sites dealing with the Canadian and American real estate markets.