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Urban design

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Carfree cities

Car Heaven
Canadian programme for getting older, high-polluting cars off the road

Detour Publications' UrbanSource
publications on sustainable transportation and more

ENTRA Consultants (Toronto)
Transportation planning consultancy

Canadian Cultural Landscape and Architectural Image Repository

Images are of central importance in urban design. Slides and photographs provide direct evidence of artefacts, landscapes, and activities in ways that written accounts and other historical documents cannot. A picture can indeed be worth a thousand words ... and yet while several excellent public-access image collections now exist in local, provincial, and federal archives, an untapped wealth sits in obscurity in boxes and filing cabinets, unknown and inaccessible to all but a handful of users.

Key urban design topics

The pages in this cluster contain links that in turn relate to major topics of interest in urban design. Please use the navigation bar at left to explore further.

Urban design in Canada

Reports, statements of purpose, etc.

Urban Design in the Atlantic Provinces
Examples from the Maritime provinces of how to plan and design the shape, form, and appearance of places.