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Admission criteria

McGill undergraduate admissions are highly competitive

ADMISSION TO McGILL UNIVERSITY IS COMPETITIVE and students who present the minimum requirements are not guaranteed acceptance. Admission is always subject to the availability of places in a particular program. Your entrance requirements are determined by your educational background and the category of admission requested.

Admission decisions are based on your academic record, as well as performance in prerequisite courses, depending on the program. All required marks are taken into consideration in determining admission, including those for failed or repeated courses. To form a basis for admission for a science-based program, science and mathematics courses normally must have been completed within the last five years. In addition, some programs take other information into consideration in making admission decisions (for example, the audition for Music or the portfolio for Architecture). Generally speaking, extracurricular activities are not significant in the admission decision, although they are an important factor in the awarding of certain entrance scholarships.

While we can't predict what new students' average entering grades will be in this or future years, we do provide admissions standards from previous years.

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