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Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to a few frequently asked questions from parents of prospective McGill students.
For an extensive FAQ for parents, see the McGill Parents Handbook. For an FAQ for prospective students, see
McGill in Mind.

  1. Where can I find information on application deadlines and admission standards?
    Application deadlines can be found in our Admissions Guide. Admissions standards for previous years can be found here.

  2. Where can I find comprehensive information about programs and courses at McGill?
    The "What can I study" section of this site provides extensive information about the various majors, minors and other programs available to McGill students. McGill's University Calendar also houses a wealth of course and program information.

  3. Who do I call for parent-related information and services?
    The McGill Parents Association provides services and information about the University to parents, helping them participate in the McGill community. It’s a key resource for parents on all McGill matters. Call toll free at 1-800-567-5175, ext. 6441.

  4. As a McGill parent, where can I find general information about student services?
    The First-Year Office provides information on all services specifically for new McGill students, including special assistance for students who will be studying in English for the first time. The McGill website also features a comprehensive directory of resources and services for students.

  5. (For parents of Quebec CEGEP students) What is the meaning of ‘R Score’, ‘Cote R’, ‘CRC’, ‘cote de rendement’?McGill reviews applications from Cegep applicants on the basis of the R score, also known as the cote de rendement, Cote R, or CRC. A short description of how the R score is calculated is found on our Quebec counsellors’ website.

  6. Does McGill give admission preference to applicants from certain high schools or CEGEPs?  Applicants to McGill are considered for admission on the basis of their academic record. McGill does not assign any preference to particular high schools or CEGEPs; the school a student has attended does not affect the admission decision.

  7. Does McGill give admission preference to the relatives of McGill graduates?
    Admission to McGill is based on the demonstrated academic merit of the applicant. Letters of support from alumni, friends, and family do not advantage (or disadvantage) an application. Some universities and colleges have legacy programs which give special admission consideration to relatives of graduates; McGill does not have a legacy admission program. 
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