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Spring Break!!... ish…

Well, first of all, it’s not Spring by any means, though we did have one teaser day when it got above freezing and it was all sunny and lovely! Le sigh. Definitely a tease. Back to wind chills of minus 10, minus 15 (that’s single digits for you Fahrenheit folks!). No fun. But I digress! On a happier note, the break was lovely! My roomie and I bussed down on the Saturday to enjoy the hospitality of our friend’s family, some warm(ish) weather, and lots and LOTS of tasty seafood.

 It’s funny, before I got to college, I had this idealized mental image of what spring break was really like – partying on a random beach somewhere, etc. Have yet to have a spring break like that and I’m doing just fine. Not my cup of tea. Funny how you can be so wrong about what you wanted sometimes, but I’ll try not to get too lofty and philosophical. The point is, sometimes I feel old. My ideal reading week (a.k.a. spring break) is just actually taking a break. Is it weird that I’m feeling old at 21? Probably so. But all the same, a week of eating, talking, wandering a new city, occasionally getting work done, and napping was just what I needed. [Yet another tangent: never thought I’d feel so passionately about napping. Really feel like I need to stress this: napping is absolutely awesome. Don’t let anyone EVER make you feel lame for sleeping in the middle of the day! It’s revitalizing and can in fact make you more productive afterwards. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love just taking some “me” time to completely zonk out/drool/snore for a good hour or 2? But again, I digress…]

The only problem with reading week is returning from reading week. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my classes this term, but after a week of nothingness, two papers staring you in the face the day you get back is the last thing you want to see. If I were smart at all, I’d use reading week to actually read (go figure) and get ahead and start papers and so on. But the fact of the matter is, I’d rather stress a bit after a relaxing week than not have a relaxing week at all. Relaxing is just as important as working hard. It’s taken me a while to find this kind of balance, though. First year was relaxing a bit too much. Second and third year (at least the first semester pre-Greece), I was working way, wayyy too hard. Now, I think I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp of just how hard I need to work without stressing myself out. It’s a beautiful thing that I highly recommend keeping in mind. You’ve got to look out for your mental (and social) health as well as your grades.

Things are winding down quicker than I’d like. Coming back from reading week means we’re about halfway through. Where does the time go? Again, feeling really old and nostalgic these days. Lots of sentences have started with “I remember when…” and I’m only talking about first year. Still, seems like a long, long time ago. I find myself missing my residence, Solin, and my floor fellows from first year pretty often these days. I guess near the end, you start thinking about the beginning. Maybe next time I’ll take you guys back to Solin for my first year rez experience. Until then, keep thinking Spring-y thoughts! It’ll be here soon!

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