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3. Variety and Choice

THERE'S ONLY ONE LIMIT TO YOUR McGILL EXPERIENCE: YOUR IMAGINATION. Here are some of the ways that a McGill education is special:

  • Personalize your degree program. We’ve got 22 faculties and professional schools, offering 300+ programs that you can mix and match. Want to major in East Asian Studies with a minor in Geochemistry? Can do. Think a Statistics minor would go nicely with your Honours degree in Anthropology? Not a problem. Even our individual faculties strive to be interdisciplinary. Our Music faculty offers a marketing minor. Your Psychology major can lead you to either a B.A. or a B.Sc. Your choice.
  • See the world. Take advantage of McGill’s worldwide network to take your learning beyond the classroom. Join a student exchange or independent study-away program. Work overseas on an internship. Sign up for a field study semester abroad. Whichever flavour you choose, there’s no teacher like travel.
  • Take a chance. Supplement your formal education with a Massively Open Online Course. MOOCs are free, non-credit classes that let you delve into a new discipline without risking your GPA. 
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