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Quick guide to applying online

Create and submit your application in about 20 minutes

  • Use the application web tool
  • Choose between English and French.
  • Create your own ID and PIN.
    (Retain the ID and PIN so that you may access your file again at a later date.)
  • Enter your information in the various fields.
    The system prompts you to complete mandatory information before allowing you to continue to another section of the application form.
  • Submit!
    Your application will be processed by McGill.
  • If you choose not to submit your application right away, it will still be saved by the system when you log out.
    The system allows you to create a new application, or to view and modify your existing application report, once you re-enter your ID and PIN.


All applicants

CEGEP and Ontario high school students

  • An electronic copy of your transcript will be provided to McGill by your current school.

CEGEP students

  • Your permanent code is necessary for completion of the application.

Track your application and accept your offer to McGill

  • Log in on the Minerva website with the official McGill ID and PIN provided in the acknowledgement notice from McGill via email and traditional post.
  • Click on Applicants.
  • To view the status of your application, select the link under Admissions Term on the Application Summary form.
  • View Application and Documentation Status (View documentation requirements and upload documents if you are eligible. View admission decisions. View and print decision letters. The system confirms the receipt of your supporting documents, your acceptance to McGill, and your residence status (where applicable).
  • To accept or decline your offer to McGill, click on the Accept link on the Application Summary form.
  • Log out.

Good luck in your current studies! If you have questions, consult your school counsellor, or see the How to contact us page.

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