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Dear Guidance Counselors and Academic Advisors,

We are grateful for the long-time support and collaboration of Guidance Counselors and Academic Advisors in Quebec, Canada and worldwide. In my view, admissions officers, counselors and advisors have much in common. One of our important mutual goals is to inform and encourage students in their search for university programs which “fit” their academic talents and interests, and those for which they qualify. We share in the challenge of navigating forever-changing educational programs and technologies, as well as the very human side of applicant and family expectations. I’ve also noted that a rich sense of humour is a common trait!

I have reserved this page as a place to post significant McGill admissions updates which pertain to your students. We know that you don’t have spare time to check websites, so if something urgent has been posted, we will alert you separately.

If you have important admissions-related information (other than documents related to a current application) which you wish to convey to McGill, or if you have a suggestion or complaint, please don’t hesitate to call me or email me directly.

Looking forward to continued teamwork with you, wishing you and your students success in achieving your goals.



Kim Bartlett
Director of Admissions
McGill University


There are several, separate admission offices at McGill, including Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Music and Religious Studies. See  for contact info.

Admission to all McGill programs is competitive; Minimum averages vary from year to year. See for recent, actual minima.

If you are having trouble getting through to us during peak periods, Guidance Counselors and Academic Advisors are welcome to contact the Recruitment Unit at (514)398-4751 or recruitment [at] mcgill [dot] ca. Please specify your name, your title, and your school or CEGEP.  


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