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The McGill Ingram School of Nursing offers a unique approach to the delivery of care, widely known as the "McGill Model of Nursing." This model emphasizes health, the family, learning and development, collaboration with clients and working with the resources of individuals, families and communities. We promote health and well-being in people of all ages and across all situations, and our students start clinical placements in their first year and benefit from an extensive network of teaching hospitals and affiliated agencies through the McGill University Health Centre.


B.Sc. (Nursing): Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Extends over three years (including summer sessions) with general and professional courses in each year, and equips students with the expertise and confidence to effectively deal with complex and contemporary nursing issues. The program ends with a five-week clinical internship when students have the option of studying anywhere in the world.
(* four years for students who must complete freshman level sciences)

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- Nursing Three-Year Program

B.N.: Bachelor of Nursing

Offers graduates of the Quebec DEC 180.A0 DCS the opportunity to complete a Bachelor's degree in two years. The program builds on the basic collegiate nursing program and prepares students for graduate studies.

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- Nursing Integrated Program


  • Students in undergraduate and graduate programs of the Ingram School of Nursing use the McGill Medical Simulation Centre, a state-of-the art facility that includes high fidelity learning resources (e.g., life-like mannequins and clinical skills task trainers), clinical examination rooms, and standardized patients. Students use this facility to develop competence and confidence in performing a wide range of clinical skills.
  • Nursing students also have access to a recently renovated Learning Laboratory, conveniently situated in University Hall, just a few steps from Wilson Hall. The lab has 7 clinical beds, an ICU bed, a stretcher, an exam table, and AV capacity for distance education. Resources include task trainers (e.g., IV arm; central line) and health assessment equipment.

Learning outside the classroom

Students in the B.Sc.(N) program can complete their final internship anywhere in the world. To date, students have studied in such places as South Africa, Ghana, Ireland, Nunavik, Australia, and Venezuela. Students in the Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated) program can opt for an international placement as an elective.

Degrees offered

  • B.Sc. (Nursing)
  • B.N.
  • Graduate programs

Parent faculty

Faculty of Medicine


Ingram School of Nursing
Wilson Hall
3506 University Street
Montréal, Québec
H3A 2A7

Tel.: 514 398-4144
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