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With the oldest Faculty of Law in the country and one of the world's most prestigious, McGill is at the vanguard of legal education. Allowing you to graduate with both civil and common law degrees, the McGill Integrated Program offers a unique and novel approach to understanding law. With a background in both of the Western world's legal traditions, you’ll have the flexibility of practicing law in any province in Canada or choosing an international career. While you’re studying, you’ll get a chance to apply what you’ve learned through a wide range of court clerkships, clinical programs and human rights internships.


B.C.L.-L.L.B.: Concurrent Bachelor of Civil Law and Bachelor of Laws

+ Law    
- Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.) and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Honours Program    
- Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.) and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) with Minor   Program    
- Commercial Negotiation and Dispute Resolution     Major Concentration  
- International Human Rights Development     Major Concentration  
- Joint Master of Business Administration Program       Joint Program
- Joint Master of Social Work       Joint Program

The McGill Program: This unique 105-credit program leads to graduation with both Civil and Common Law degrees (B.C.L. and LL.B.). The Program is further enhanced by three options students can pursue to broaden perspectives and expertise: McGill Program with Minor in the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science, McGill Program with Major Concentration, or McGill Program with Honours.

Law/M.B.A.: A joint Law/M.B.A. program is offered by the Faculty of Law and McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management.

Law/M.S.W.: McGill's Faculty of Law and School of Social Work offer a joint program enabling students to earn law degrees combined with a Master's in Social Work.

Learning outside the classroom

The McGill Law Journal: This prestigious student-run law journal's articles are consistently cited in Supreme Court of Canada decisions, and the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation developed by Journal editors is the standard reference guide at a number of courts, law faculties and law journals in Canada.

McGill Legal Information Clinic: Since it began in 1973, the clinic has grown into a cornerstone service, with nearly half of the Faculty's students volunteering their time to help about 8,500 clients each year. It's the only student-run legal clinic in North America. The clinic also runs outreach programs with community-based organizations.

Court Clerkships: McGill offers a unique program of court clerkships, allowing senior students to work with judges from Quebec's Court of Appeal, Superior Court, and administrative tribunals. Students gain invaluable research and writing experience and an insider's understanding of the court system, while effectively being mentored by an experienced judge.

Competitive Mooting: Every year, McGill students participate in a number of national and international mooting competitions. Each moot concentrates on a specific area of law, and teams are given a legal problem requiring focused analysis and research.

Exchange Programs: Students from the Faculty may spend one semester of study at one of the many faculties of law with which McGill has an exchange agreement. These partner institutions are located all over the world.

International Human Rights Internships: McGill has partnerships that allow students to be placed with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and tribunals. You'll get a chance to experience and contribute to the work of human rights organizations in Canada and beyond.

International Judicial Clerkships: This innovative program offers students an unprecedented opportunity to learn about international and comparative law by assisting judges and legal officers of leading international tribunals such as the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Chambers of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and the Office of the Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Research centres and institutes

Degrees offered

  • Concurrent B.C.L. and LL.B.
  • LL.M.
  • D.C.L.

Enrolment - Fall 2013

Canadian 608
International 64
Male 314


Canadian 74
International 91
Male 82
Female 83


Faculty of Law
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