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An architectural design by McGill students Justin Chapman and Zhongyuan Dai  

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Among the oldest programs in North America, McGill's School of Architecture has an extraordinarily collegial atmosphere. Over 300 students, 12.5 full-time faculty members and seven non-academic staff comprise the school community. We educate professionals who will contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of their communities through responsible participation in the process of the design, construction and interpretation of the built environment.


B.Sc. (Arch.): Bachelor of Science (Architecture)

Professional programs: the professional program in architecture is in two parts:

  • B.Sc.(Arch.) is a preprofessional undergraduate program, which takes a minimum six semesters for students entering with the Quebec Diploma of College studies in Pure and Applied Science or the equivalent. Applicants whose background includes a university degree in an area not related to Architecture should apply to the B.Sc.(Arch.) program. Please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions Office website for further information.
  • M.Arch. (Professional): Two options are available: Design Studio option (three semesters) or Design Studio-Directed Research (four semesters). Applicants whose background includes a professional degree in architecture should apply instead to the M.Arch. (Post-Professional) program. Please refer to the School of Architecture Admissions website for further information.
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  • The John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection contains over 70 different "fonds" and currently consists of 150,000 plans and drawings, 25,000 photographs and slides and 100 models, as well as related business and personal papers of 19th- and 20th-century Canadian architects.
  • The Media Centre of the School of Architecture provides staff and students with equipment and technical expertise in four areas of multimedia production and design: photography (digital and film), web design, publication design, and videography.
  • Workshop facilities: Students enjoy access to stations for working with wood, wood products, metal, plaster, glass and plastics, as well as facilities for casting, mold making, sandblasting, spray finishing, and laser cutting. A compressed air supply enables the use of air tools throughout.
    Workshop resources include two installations providing students with high-quality Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication facilities, that is, a 60-watt Universal Laser Cutter, a Stratasys 3000 fused depositional modeler, and the computers required to control them.
    Students are also able to take advantage of workshop resources available in other units in the Faculty of Engineering and elsewhere in the university, for example, Metal shops in Mechanical Engineering and a glassblowing facility in the Department of Chemistry.
  • Information technology resources: Students in the School of Architecture are provided access to a variety of computer resources.
  • FARMM: Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Meditation. FARMM is a research lab funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation. It is a non-hierarchical umbrella organization that links researchers and students from within the School of Architecture to other academic and professional researchers around the world.
  • LIPHE: Laboratory for Integrated Prototyping and Hybrid Environments. LIPHE is a research lab funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation. It is a high-end fabrication laboratory that includes a six-axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mill, a sophisticated multi-material large bed 3-D printer, and a CNC plasma cutter as well as simulation and visualization technologies (five high-end workstations for production). The laboratory is dedicated to the development of high-end prototyping methods on the study of computational protocols applied to the manufacturing processes.

Information Resources

  • The Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art: The Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art is the University's parent library for the School of Architecture, the School of Urban Planning, and the Department of Art History.
  • The Architecture Slide Library: The collection is approximately 40,000 images, including both lantern and 35 mm slides. It is organized by time period and geographical location, and then by architect (after 1800).
  • The Orson Wheeler Architectural Model Collection: This collection of scale models of over two hundred works of architecture from around the world is a unique treasure. Executed in permanently malleable Roma Plastilina, these models were created between 1940 and 1990 by the sculptor Orson Wheeler (1902-1990), who bequeathed the entire collection to the School of Architecture.

Learning outside the classroom

In addition to exchange opportunities available to all McGill students, the School has direct agreements that allow you to spend a term at other schools of architecture around the world, in countries such as Italy, Austria, Belgium, and France.

Degrees offered

  • B.Sc. (Arch.)
  • M.Arch. (Professional)
  • M.Arch. (Post-professional)
    • M.Arch. Architectural History and Theory
    • M.Arch. Cultural Mediations and Technology
    • M.Arch. Urban Design and Housing
  • Ph.D. (Architecture)


School of Architecture
Macdonald-Harrington Building, Room 201
815 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C2

Tel.: 514 398-6700
Fax: 514 398-7372
profdegree [dot] architecture [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

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