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For more than 150 years, McGill has prepared students for exciting and rewarding careers as teachers, administrators and researchers. The mission of the Faculty of Education is the advancement of knowledge and its applications to the development of human potential in a variety of learning environments and over one's life span. It is committed to excellence and ethical practice in teaching, scholarship and service at the local, national, and international levels.

In pursuit of our mission, we offer a variety of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level.


Program options

Teacher Education Programs

Teaching and learning are central to the success of any society. Teachers are leaders who prepare learners  for the challenges of living in today's fast-changing world.


The Faculty offers a variety of programs for both the kindergarten-elementary and the secondary levels, as well as three specialist programs in second language, music and physical and health education that prepare students to teach at both the elementary and secondary level. Student teaching field experiences are at the heart of all our teacher education programs. During this vital classroom experience, students are mentored by dedicated teams of cooperating teachers and McGill supervisors.


Students who possess an undergraduate degree in an area that is taught at the secondary level may be interested in the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL), a 15 month program which leads to teacher certification.   

B.Sc. (Kinesiology): Kinesiology, the "study of movement" also known as exercise, sport, or movement science, is a multidisciplinary field which considers the sociological, psychological, and developmental perspectives of physical activity and sports while examining the biological and mechanical foundations of movement. This versatile B.Sc. program provides students with a breadth of theoretical knowledge applied to human movement from anatomy to ergonomics and practical experiences. Career outcomes may be found in the areas of ergonomics, protective equipment design, health and lifestyle counseling, physical fitness evaluation, exercise prescription and supervision, as well as sport administration. The program also allows the opportunity for related specialization through minor programs available in other departments in the university while providing an excellent background for advanced studies in all aspects of kinesiology, in physical and occupational therapy, or medicine.

The following BEd degree programs lead to teacher certification:

B.Ed. Kindergarten & Elementary: This program prepares students for the elementary school classroom. A concentration in Jewish studies and a concentration in Pédagogie de l'Immersion Française is available to students admitted into this program. A concentration in First Nations and Inuit studies is available for first nations students.

B.Ed. Secondary: Students choose from one of four domains: English, Mathematics, Science & Technology or Social Sciences.

B.Ed. Physical and Health Education: This specialist program prepares students to teach and promote dynamic physical and health education programs in school settings.

B.Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language: This specialist program provides students with a broad liberal education and allows them to study language and language learning from linguistic, social, cultural and psychological perspectives.

Concurrent B.Mus. and B.Ed.: This program prepares students to teach music at the elementary and secondary levels and is designed to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a B.Mus. degree and a B.Ed. degree.

B.Ed.: Bachelor of Education

+ Department of Integrated Studies in Education  
- Kindergarten and Elementary Jewish Studies Program
- Kindergarten and Elementary Pédagogie de l'Immersion Française Program
- Kindergarten and Elementary Education Program
- Kindergarten and Elementary Education - First Nations and Inuit Studies Program
- Music Elementary and Secondary Program
- Secondary English Program
- Secondary Mathematics Program
- Secondary Science and Technology Program
- Secondary Social Sciences - History and Citizenship, Ethics and Religious Culture Program
- Secondary Social Sciences - History and Citizenship, Geography Program
- Teaching English as a Second Language - TESL Elementary and Secondary Program
+ Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education  
- Physical and Health Education Program

B.Sc. (Kinesiology): Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology)

This program entails a comprehensive understanding of human movement. The program prepares students to work in a variety of settings or proceed to do advanced studies.

+ Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education    
- Kinesiology Honours Program


  • The Education Curriculum Resources Centre offers a range of individual and group study spaces and has a collection which is focused on the teaching and research concentrations of the Faculty.
  • The Education Career and Planning Service assists students in their career development and employment search (including permanent, part-time and summer jobs, as well as volunteer opportunities) by holding workshops and career events, individual advising, a comprehensive job posting service, a career resource library and an Annual Career Fair.

Learning outside the classroom - Field experience

Student teaching field experiences are at the heart of all our teacher education programs. Students are placed in an elementary or secondary school every year of the program and will have spent at least 700 hours in a range of classroom settings.

During this vital classroom experience, students are mentored by dedicated teams of cooperating teachers and McGill supervisors.

Professional development

The Faculty offers certificate and diploma programs of professional development to provide an opportunity for teachers and other educators to enhance their existing knowledge and skills , such as the Certificate in Inclusive Education and the Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Research centres and institutes

Degrees offered

  • B.Ed.
  • Concurrent B.Mus. and B.Ed.
  • B.Sc. (Kinesiology)
  • M.A.
  • M.Ed.
  • M.L.I.S.
  • MATL
  • Ph.D.

Enrolment - Fall 2013

Canadian 1690
International 63
Male 396


Canadian 1057
International 136
Male 287
Female 906

Contact the Faculty :

Faculty of Education
Student Affairs Office
Education Building, Room 243
3700 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1Y2

Tel.: 514 398-7042
Fax: 514 398-4679
sao [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

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