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School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

McGill's School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition couples with Organic Campus

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The School is Canada's oldest teaching and research institution in human nutrition, and its graduates help people live longer, fuller lives with their deep understanding of the roles of macro- and micro-nutrients in health and disease. Some of our research emphases include maternal and child nutrition, indigenous peoples’ nutrition and food safety, food security in developing countries, and nutritional interventions to minimize obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic disease.


B.Sc. (Nutr.Sc.): Bachelor of Science (Nutritional Science)

B.Sc. (Nutr.Sc.) students may major in either Dietetics or Nutrition. A minor in Human Nutrition is also available.

+ Dietetics and Human Nutrition  
- Dietetics Option Major  
- Human Nutrition   Minor
- Nutrition - Food Function and Safety Option Major  
- Nutrition - Global Nutrition Option Major  
- Nutrition - Nutritional Biochemistry Option Major  
- Nutrition - Sports Nutrition Option Major  
- Nutrition - Health and Disease Option Major  

Concurrent B.Sc. (Food Science) and B.Sc. (Nutritional Sciences)

+ Dietetics and Human Nutrition 
- Food Science/Nutritional Science Option Major


Degrees offered

Parent faculty

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science

Graduate Studies: The School offers Ph.D. and M.Sc. programs as well as the M.Sc. Applied, a non-thesis degree program in nutrition.


School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Macdonald-Stewart Building
Room MS2-039
21,111 Lakeshore Road
Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec
H9X 3V9

Tel.: 514 398-7842
Fax: 514 398-7739
dietetics [at] macdonald [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)


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