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Who we look for

McGill is always looking for the best and brightest students from around the world. If you think McGill is right for you, we encourage you to apply. Click below to learn more about our admissions requirements, deadlines and competitive admission process.  We hope to see you on campus!

Admissions requirements

Admissions standards for previous years



McGill students come from a vast range of nations, cultures, and walks of life. With 24% of McGill students coming from outside Canada, and over 150 countries represented in our student body, McGill is the country’s most international university.

No matter where you’re from, you can apply to McGill knowing that we don’t set admission quotas for our applicants. It’s not where you’re from that matters—it’s whether or not you’re the best possible candidate.  Your admission to McGill will be based on your educational background and the programs you want to apply to, regardless of your citizenship. All applicants should consult the Applying website to learn more about requirements.

Some more good news: If you’re interested in working while you’re here, your study permit doubles as a work permit. This is a great way to support your studies while gaining valuable work experience. 





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