Applying to be a tutor


McGill students, or alumni up to two years from graduation are welcome to apply to be a tutor.**The minimum requirements for a successful application are that you have obtained an A minus or higher in the course(s) to be tutored, and an overall CGPA of 3.2 or greater. If the courses you wish to tutor are not clearly listed on your McGill transcript, and you are nonetheless qualified to tutor the course(s), please submit evidence with supporting documents. (e.g. you have TA'd for the course or the material for the course you wish to tutor was mastered by you in another course, or the course is equivalent to one you took at another university for which you received an A or A-[copy of transcript must be provided, and courses must be indicated]. Note to Teaching Assistants: Due to the potential conflict of interest, we do not allow a student to privately tutor a course for which they are currently a Teaching Assistant. Please note that being a tutor for our service should not be considered as summer employment, as our client pool goes from approximately 40,000 students to 5,000 students as of May 1. Requests during the summer are minimal.

**Please note:  Due to unforeseen circumstances the availability of application to tutor form for the 2017-18 academic year will only be posted at our website about May 15.  Please check back at our website at that time.

1. You MUST SIGN IN to the McGill Web System , Login in yellow box. For McGill alumni (up to 2 yrs from graduation), please contact the tutoring.service [at] (Tutorial Service) for further instructions.
2. Complete and submit the application to tutor.
3. Request a McGill University reference be submitted online to the Tutorial Service. (references should be from a McGill professor and not a friend or colleague). If this is your first year at McGill, a reference from your previous educational institution will be accepted. It can be scanned and tutoring.service [at] (emailed) (preferable)or dropped off at our office at the address below, and left with our receptionist. When applicable, this applies to any additional documents to be included with your application as outlined in # 4.
4. A copy of your McGill transcript from Minerva is required. A scanned copy in PDF (preferred) can be emailed to tutoring.service [at] or paper copy can be submitted to the Tutorial Service office.
    When applicable , submit transcripts from prior universities, as evidence of qualification not listed on your McGill transcripts.
5. International students must have a valid Study Permit.
5. International students can apply for a temporary S.I.N. by obtaining an offer of Employment letter from the Tutorial Service(which will be provided if the application is successful).
6. Once all relevant forms and when applicable, additional documentation, are received and reviewed by the Tutorial Service, you will be contacted to inform you as to whether your application has been accepted. An interview with the Coordinator will be set up at that time.

The Tutorial Service standards are taken very seriously, and all applicants, regardless of their degree level, are required to clearly convince the Tutorial Service of having achieved excellence and mastery in the course(s) they wish to tutor.

All candidates must complete and submit the application form