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Book air travel in person, by phone or by email with any one of McGill's three designated travel management companies (fees apply):

McGill-negotiated discounts are only available when you purchase through these companies and only applicable to University related activities.

Or book online (excluding Air Canada - go to Air Canada page):

  • VisionLink, an online booking tool provided by Vision Travel - see Booking Instructions below

 VisionLink Online Booking instructions - register only if traveling for University related activities (fees apply)

  • Log-in to your profile onVisionLink
  • New User? Create a profile - only info required for profile creation: name, gender, language, faculty/unit, email, office telephone number and date of birth
  • Once your profile has been activated, there is a delay of ~ 15 minutes for synchronization. Please wait before proceeding. Then you may enter the site and proceed with your search and purchase of airline tickets
  • Please check the VisionLink Instruction Guide for more details

By booking through McGill's designated travel management companies (fees apply) - you may benefit from discounts with the following airlines:

Air Canada



Delta/Air France/KLM/Alitalia/Virgin Atlantic


How to pay

  1. FOAPAL authorization form - airline tickets only booked via McGill designated Travel companies
  2. Personal credit card
  3. McGill issued American Express credit card

To pay by FOAPAL:

Print the applicable form for the agency you are booking with:

  1. Complete the form, email or fax it to the travel agent who will forward it to McGill’s Travel Desk along with  the invoice
  2. The Travel Desk will set up the charge as a Third Party Payment Advance
  3. The Advance must be submitted along with all pertinent expenses on an expense report within 30 working days following the completion of the trip
  4. Please note that tickets will not be issued against a FOAPAL unless the form is properly completed and signed by all parties as outlined on the form
  5. Travel Companies charge transaction service fees, they vary per company
  6. A transaction service fee per trip - one trip = one fee - one trip = air, hotel and car

The University does not have contracted travel management companies (travel agencies), arrangements have been made with the University’s most frequently used travel companies: House of Travel, Uniglobe Lexus and Vision. This is an interim solution to permit immediate access to discounted airline rates (an airline requirement) until the Travel Management Program progresses further.

How to get reimbursed

University related travel from all sources of funding must follow the guiding principles.

See the Reimbursement of Expenses Guide for more information.

The Advances & Expense Reports Menu is available to Employees, Students and Finance (FIS) Users in their respective Minerva tabs. For detailed information on how to use it, please consult the Financial Services Knowledge Base.