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Procurement and Financial Services have partnered and are responsible for the development of the Travel Management Program which includes the contracting of travel-related suppliers.

The community is recommended and encouraged to use these suppliers where possible and beneficial for outgoing travel and for incoming visitors.

Travel Management Program (TMP)   

Procurement Services is in the process of rolling out new travel-related programs for the benefit of McGill travelers and all staff involved in the travel process.

In collaboration with Financial Services, the entire McGill travel and expense portfolio is being reviewed in an effort to refine and streamline the processes. The introduction of the different components of the TMP, including announcement of new contracts with travel providers, will be done in stages.

This initiative means that McGill travelers can save money, time and get added value when booking travel for University business.

More information about the TMP will be made available through this site as the project progresses and elements fall into place. So stay tuned!

Why is this being done?

In 2011, the University’s Strategic Reframing Initiative identified the travel and expense portfolio as a priority – both as a cost-saving opportunity and a way of improving processes and efficiencies. In short, bring McGill’s travel and expense portfolio into the 21st century.

Following market research and benchmarking in co-operation with the Selection and Steering Committees (which represent the major faculty travel spenders), the plan for the TMP at McGill started to take shape and objectives were defined:  

  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve process efficiencies
  • Improve control and compliance
  • Adhere to the principles of corporate social responsibilities
  • Enhance reporting and auditing capabilities

Essentially, the program aims to transform the University’s entire travel and expense processes by:

  • applying an end-to-end automated solution
  • using an approved travel management company (full-service travel agency)
  • introducing an appropriate payment solution
  • mitigating travel risk

How will the TMP work?

By using appropriate sourcing and contracting processes and directing the bulk of our purchases through a designated travel management company (TMC) and an online booking and expense tool, we will gain visibility on our travel needs and volume.

The University then can obtain reports on the most frequently used services and destinations. This information will give Procurement Services leverage for future negotiations with travel providers, generating still more savings for the benefit of the McGill community.   

This strategic management of the University’s spend on travel services (airlines, trains, hotels, car rentals, etc.) is an important part of the TMP.

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