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Staff parking

The areas available for parking purposes are limited and, as a result, demands for space exceed the supply. Parking may be available for staff members who reside in areas where public transportation is not readily accessible or those with children under the age of 5 years. Any such request is at the discretion of the manager and the staff member will be asked to provide a proof of residency if such authorization is granted.

Special parking arrangements are also available for staff members with disabilities - click here for further information.

Annual parking permits for permanent staff

Permanent staff members are eligible to pay for parking at the annual monthly rate ( annual_monthly_rates_for_permanent_staff_of_mcgill_university.pdf). Annual permits are issued for the fiscal year and are automatically renewed unless notice of cancellation or suspension is given. The applicant must complete and return the signed payroll deduction authorization form to the parking office in order to have the parking fees deducted from their paycheck.

Deductions occur in the following manner:

  • Employees who are paid weekly would see a deduction on their weekly paycheck for the week before, from Saturday to Sunday.
  • Employees who are paid bi-weekly on Thursdays or Fridays would see a deduction on each paycheck for the days within the specified pay period.

Annual permit privileges cannot be started and stopped for vacations, holiday periods, and other such reasons. The only occasions where annual permits can be suspended are for reasons such as long term sick leaves, parental leaves, or sabbaticals. In the event of cancellation for a reason other than the aforementioned, there is no guarantee of parking re-instatement at a later date. Upon cancellation, the permit must be returned to the parking office. Parking cannot be cancelled retro-actively.

Temporary parking permits for permanent and casual staff

Permanent and casual staff members are eligible for temporary parking permits at the regular monthly and weekly rates ( temporary_permits_monthly_weekly_rates.pdf). Temporary permits are issued on a weekly or monthly basis. Monthly permits are issued as per calendar months and a maximum of 3 months may be bought at one time. Weekly permits are issued for a period of seven consecutive days from the date of commencement.

Temporary permits cannot be post-dated or issued prior to the date of commencement. They can be paid for by cash, check, debit card, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.