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Montreal Alouettes 2017 Football Season

The Montreal Alouettes will be playing at the Molson Stadium on the following dates for the 2017 season:

  • Thursday, June 15 at 7:30pm
  • Thursday, June 22 at 7:30pm
  • Thursday, July 6 at 7:30pm
  • Friday, July 14 at 7pm
  • Friday, August 11 at 7:30pm
  • Thursday, August 24 at 7:30pm
  • Thursday, August 31 at 7:30pm
  • Sunday, September 17 at 1pm
  • Monday, October 9 at 2pm (Thanksgiving)
  • Sunday, October 22 at 1pm

Parking on game day: For security reasons, the Montreal Alouettes will not allow any vehicles to park in the MNI Lot (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital). The Currie Gym lot will also be inaccessible. Permit holders must park in the McIntyre garage instead. The entrance to the garage is via the lane off Peel Street, just north of 3690 Peel.

  • If you have a transponder permit: it is already coded for use in McIntyre garage. If you experience difficulties entering the garage, please take a ticket at the entry and contact the parking office as soon as possible: [at] or (514) 398-4559.
  • If you do not have a transponder, ticket passes and an instruction sheet will be delivered to you in June, before the first game. Lost tickets will not be replaced. Tickets for the games in September and October will be delivered at the end of August.

Parking on the day before game day: For security reasons, all vehicles must exit the MNI lot:

  • Before 6pm on the following dates: June 14, June 21, July 5, July 13, August 10, August 23, and August 30, 2017.
  • Before noon on the following dates: September 16, October 8, and October 21, 2017.

All vehicles should be moved to the Residences parking area before the specified times for the dates indicated above or park there directly upon arrival on the day before game day.

Please note that the Montreal Police close University Street (between Sherbrooke and Pine Avenue) to vehicular traffic one to two hours before the start of a Montreal Alouettes football game. Approximately half an hour after the game begins, the street is re-opened to traffic. The street is closed off again for a short period of time at the end of the game.

Closure of Lady Meredith Lot due to HVAC project: May 1 to November 1, 2017

The parking lot at Lady Meredith will be closed from May 1 to November 1, 2017 due to a HVAC project taking place in the building. The entrance to the lot will be cordoned off on April 30th.

Permit holders with “B2” permits may park in other “B2” parking zones, such as Charles Meredith Lot, Drummond Lot and the 3690 Peel Lot. For a complete list and map, please click on the following link: Permit categories and alternate parking areas.

Parking spaces cordoned off for the Bronfman Expansion project until Fall 2017

Beginning on Monday, August 22, the general contractor will begin mobilizing for the Bronfman expansion project. This will affect parking in two locations as follows for a period of approximately 1 year:

  • 11 parking spaces have been cordoned off in the Bronfman garage, in the section located below 3420 McTavish (former location of the McGill Bookstore) at the back.
  • 3 parking spaces at the south end of the Faculty Club lot have been cordoned off for the installation of a container required for this project.
  • All the parking spaces behind 3420 McTavish (formerly the Bookstore) have been cordoned off for the project.

Permit holders must not park in these areas for the duration of the project.

Visitor (daily parking) access to the Bronfman garage will be monitored and controlled to give priority to permit holders. Should the garage reach capacity, permit holders should park in their alternate parking area: Google map of alternate areas for Bronfman permit holders

Permit holders for the lane lots between Peel and McTavish may park in the remaining lots accessed from the lane: behind 3459 Peel, 3471 Peel, 3479 Peel, Faculty Club. Should these lots reach capacity, permit holders may park in the B2 zone parking areas (Drummond Lot, Davis House, Lady and Charles Meredith, Purvis Hall, Duggan House, Chancellor Day Hall). For a complete list and a map of all of these lots, please visit: Google map of alternate areas for permit holders of the laneway lots between Peel and McTavish

Parking restrictions in Burnside garage starting February 22, 2017 until June 30, 2018

Two parking spaces in Burnside garage will be used to store materials for a ventilation project taking place in Burnside Hall beginning tonight (Feb 22). These spaces will be blocked off tonight and vehicles with overnight parking authorization must not use them for the duration of the project (June 2018, however this date is subject to change).

The contractors will be working during the evening/overnight period until June 30, 2017 (this date is subject to change). To facilitate the work, vehicles which are parked overnight should be parked in the areas specified in yellow on the following plan (this plan also shows the 2 spaces that will be used by the contractor for storage for their project): PDF icon burnsideproject12-177.pdf

The contractors will be working during the day and evening/overnight period during the week of May 22 for the demolition and reconstruction of conduits in the garage. The area is highlighted in yellow on the following plan (please note that they will not be working on May 22 due to the holiday):

PDF icon burnside-week-of-may-23.pdf

Entrance to the Drummond Lot via Hosmer House (3630 Promenade Sir William Osler) closed until further notice (Mountain Street entrance remains open)

Due to a serious masonry problem at the Hosmer House, the access to the Drummond lot via the Hosmer House driveway (3630 Promenade Sir William Osler) has been closed indefinitely until the masonry is repaired. The two spaces in front of Hosmer House have also been condemned for parking indefinitely until the masonry is repaired. A safety perimeter has been set up around the Hosmer House.

Vehicles requiring access to the Drummond Lot must enter and exit the lot from Mountain Street (rue de la Montagne), via the lane just behind 3605 Mountain. The Mountain Street entrance will remain open.

Support beam installation in McIntyre garage until further notice

Support beams have been installed beside some of the concrete columns located on levels 2 through 7 in the garage which the structural engineering firm that has inspected the garage has identified as needing repair. These additional support beams are required as a precaution.

Parking spaces blocked in the FDA Lot for structural inspection until further notice

Several parking spaces in the north-east part of the FDA lot have been blocked with construction fencing until further notice. This is necessary for a structural inspection.

For a map indicating the area that will be blocked, please click on the following link: fda-structural-inspection.pdf

Due to the reduction of parking spaces in the lot, permit holders should use their overflow zone if there no parking is available upon arrival.

Vehicle circulation restrictions in front of the Leacock Building until further notice

Vehicle circulation on the roadway area in front of the Leacock Building is restricted to:

  • Emergency vehicles (fire truck, ambulance, police car, McGill Security)
  • Short term deliveries with small trucks (less than 3 axles, no more than 4 wheels) - 30 minutes or less.

Heavy or oversized vehicles, those with more than 2 axles or those having more than 4 wheels are prohibited from driving in the restricted area.

These restrictions will remain in place until further notice but are expected to be long term. They are necessary because of concerns relating to the structure of the road bed between the Redpath Museum and the Leacock Building.

The information should be relayed to affected suppliers, contractors, deliveries, and service technicians.

Parking restrictions at the Purvis Hall lot due to masonry project until further notice

The masonry contractor at Purvis Hall has cordoned off an area around the building with fences for the safety of pedestrians in the area while they are doing masonry work. Three out of the six parking spaces in this lot are inaccessible during the project. A projected completion date has not been given.

Permit holders using this lot may park in other “B2” zones until the project is completed. The largest of these lots is Drummond. Please click on designations and overflow in the left sidebar for a map of these locations.