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Concrete pour in the north-east corner of the FDA Lot on October 23: 5:30am to 7:30am

Germano Construction will be pouring some concrete in the north-east corner of the FDA lot on October 23rd from 5:30am to 7:30am. This work should not impact access to the FDA lot or the parking spaces within the lot, however, should FDA permit holders have difficulty parking because of this work, they should use their overflow zone. A map and list is available by clicking on Designations and Overflow in the left side-bar menu.

Masonry project at Macdonald-Stewart Library Building: parking restrictions on Main Campus, possible circulation interruptions for Burnside garage/FDA Courtyard access until December 2014

Atwill-Morin will be starting their masonry project at Macdonald-Stewart Library on Monday, September 15. They will be installing scaffolding on the east side of the building beginning at 6am. During this time, there may be short delays for vehicles trying to access Burnside garage or the FDA Courtyard while large trucks are delivering scaffolding and other equipment to the worksite. They will have personnel on site to ensure the safety of all drivers and pedestrians in the area. Should permit holders encounter difficulties parking due to the project, they may park in the designated overflow zone for their permit category instead. For a map and list, please click on the Permit designation and overflows link in the left sidebar.

Atwill-Morin will also be installing containers and cranes on the Main Campus side starting on Monday, September 15. Departmental vehicles and vehicles with authorization to park on Main Campus (those having SAAQ permits to park in spaces designated for persons with disabilities) must not park in this zone for the duration of the work. Departmental vehicles may instead park in the spaces across from and north of Macdonald-Harrington or along the east side of James Administration. Additional parking areas available to departmental vehicles include McIntyre garage, Burnside garage (please note there may be some delays in entering/exiting garage due to this project), and the laneway lots between Peel & McTavish. Those with SAAQ permits for parking in spaces designated for persons with disabilities may instead park in the designated spaces near the Redpath Museum or along the east side of James Administration.

The work is expected to be completed sometime in December of 2014.

Please click on the following link for a map of the affected area: macdonald-stewart_project.pdf

SSMU Lot (lot just south of the University Centre) closed every Thursday from Sept. 11 to Oct. 23, 2014 inclusive for Farmer’s Market

The SSMU Lot (lot just south of the University Centre) will be closed for the Farmer's Market every Thursday from Sept. 11 to Oct. 23, 2014. The spaces can only be used for vehicles related to the Farmer's Market.

Those with permits for the SSMU lot may park in one of the other lots in the lane between Peel & McTavish. For a complete list and a map, please visit our Permit designations and overflows page (B3 zone includes the spaces behind the Faculty Club, Daycare, 3471 Peel, etc. These have signs that indicate “McGill Permit Holder Only”).

Service tunnel project affecting the access to the MNI lot until December 2014

Contractors for the service tunnel project will begin working behind the new expansion of the Neuro starting on Tuesday, September 9th. During this time, a portion of the lane passage to the parking spaces will be blocked. They will have personnel on site to direct traffic and ensure the safety of pedestrians. The work in this zone is expected to be completed sometime in December 2014. A map indicating the affected area is available here: service_tunnel_project_neuro_parking.pdf

More information about the service tunnel project is available here: http://www.mcgill.ca/channels-contribute/channels/news/controlled-tunnel-blasting-lyman-duff-neuro-236698

On Monday, September 8th, the drop off area (pavé-uni area) directly across from the agent’s booth by the north side of the Neuro will be blocked to accommodate a large delivery for an unrelated project. It will arrive around 11h30 and should not block traffic into or out of the lot.

To ensure the safety of all drivers and pedestrians, please drive slowly and carefully through the affected area.

Montreal Alouettes 2014 Football Season

The Montreal Alouettes will be playing at the Molson Stadium on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 12pm.

At the request of the Montreal Alouettes, for security reasons, permit holders are not permitted to park at the MNI Lot as of 7am the day before a scheduled game which begins on or after 12pm. There is also no parking on game day in this zone.

Permit holders from the MNI and RESIDENCES may try to park at the Residences, however if it is full they should proceed to park in the McIntyre Garage. A map detailing the location of the garage is available on our website: http://www.mcgill.ca/transport/parking/downtown/overflow/#TTRANSPONDER Please note that spaces will be reduced at the Residences due to ongoing construction at McConnell Hall and Douglas Hall this summer.

Permit holders from MNI and RESIDENCES who have transponders (black boxes): The transponders will automatically be coded to work for McIntyre garage (you do not need to bring it to our office or call ahead of time – the coding will be done on our system prior to the games and requires no action from the permit holders). When driving in and out of the garage, the antenna mounted on the wall will automatically read the transponder through the windshield and the barrier gate and garage door will open automatically. If the barrier and door do not go up, please take an entry ticket and contact our office during the day so that we can correct the issue: (514) 398-4559 or parking [dot] services [at] mcgill [dot] ca .

We will be providing Currie Gym permit holders with One-Exit passes for use at the McIntyre Garage during the football games. The ticket is valid for one free exit at the McIntyre Garage on game day until 6PM the following day. A ticket Instruction sheet will be provided to indicate how these One-Exit passes work. Please note that LOST tickets will NOT be replaced.

Please note that the Montreal Police close University Street (between Sherbrooke and Pine Avenue) to vehicular traffic one to two hours before the start of a Montreal Alouettes football game. Approximately 1/2 hour after the game begins, the street is re-opened to traffic. The street is closed off again for a short period of time at the end of the game.

Installation of support beams in McIntyre garage

Beginning on Thursday, May 22, contractors will be working in McIntyre garage to install support beams beside some of the concrete columns located on levels 2 through 7 in the garage which the structural engineering firm that has inspected the garage has identified as needing repair. These additional support beams are required as a precaution.

The installation of the beams will begin on the lowest levels and move upwards as the work progresses, it is expected to take a maximum of one week. Each evening, the patrol officer will be blocking the necessary spaces for the following day. If you arrive to park in the morning, the spaces that are required for the work should already be blocked with tape, no parking signs and/or orange cones.

Parking restrictions in the laneway lots between Peel and McTavish during the McTavish street construction project

The McTavish Street construction project will begin on April 29th. The construction project is expected to last until mid-October and will involve the replacement of aging sewer and water lines, as well as the installation of storm sewer drains. More information about this project can be found on the McTavish St. Construction Work webpage.

Vehicles related to the construction project will be parking on McTavish between Sherbrooke and Dr. Penfield however, because McTavish will no longer be accessible to delivery vehicles, there will be increased traffic in the lanes, especially in the morning. There will be three areas in the laneway lots which will be designated as delivery zones only between 7am and 11am. This is necessary to provide delivery trucks with a location to load or unload materials for the duration of the McTavish construction project. Permit holders must not park in these locations between 7am and 11am on weekdays.

Below is a map of indicating the 7am to 11am delivery zones, shaded in green:

7am to 11am delivery zones in the lane lots between Peel & McTavish.


Those with permits for the laneway lots between Peel & McTavish (“B3” or temporary cardboard permits for these lots) are very likely to encounter difficulties circulating and parking in the laneway lots between Peel and McTavish. Permit holders with temporary permits for areas like the daycare, Faculty Club, etc. as well as those with annual “B3” permits may request to move to another location for the duration of the construction project. Due to very limited availability of parking on the lower part of campus, the parking areas for temporary relocation are located north of Dr. Penfield. Exceptions will only be made for permit holders who have received an authorization for proximity parking due to disability through Human Resources or the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Permit holders with B3 permits also have the option of suspending their parking deductions until the construction work is completed. In this case, the permit would have to be returned to our office. Permit holders who opt to suspend parking would have to pick up a new permit from our office once the construction work is completed, at which point parking deductions would be restarted. The permit would be issued for the same location.

Beginning Tuesday, April 29th, all vehicles needing to access the laneways to get to Bronfman garage or the laneway lots between Peel and McTavish must use the lane entrances from Peel Street. Vehicles must not use the lane access from McTavish.

Permit holders wishing to suspend their permit or relocate to another parking area should phone (514) 398-4559 or send an parking [dot] services [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) to our office.

Long-term closure of the Lyman Duff Lot due to the service tunnel construction project until February 2015

The Lyman Duff Lot, accessed from Av. des Pins, just east of University, will be closed to permit holder and visitor parking starting Monday, April 14th, 2014 to facilitate the service tunnel project. The parking lot will only be accessible to construction vehicles for the duration of the project, which is expected to take several months (expected completion date is February 2015).

Pedestrians will be redirected to the 3775 University entrance of the building.

Those with All Areas (“C”) or Lyman Duff (“L”) permits may park in the MNI Lot starting April 14th. The entrance to this parking lot is located just north of 3801 University, on the right-hand side (the same side as the Neuro and Molson Stadium).

Permit holder parking is not permitted under the north stands of the stadium on weekdays between 6am and 6pm, to facilitate parking for daily visitors, most of which are patients or their family members or friends. Permit holders must instead park in the middle field just past the stadium during that time frame.

More information about this project is available here: http://www.mcgill.ca/channels-contribute/channels/news/controlled-tunnel-blasting-lyman-duff-neuro-236698

Vehicle circulation restrictions in front of the Leacock Building until further notice

Since January 17, 2014, vehicle circulation on the roadway area in front of the Leacock Building has been restricted to:

  • Vehicles having 2 axles
  • Small trucks (4 wheels only)

Heavy or oversized vehicles, those with more than 2 axles or those having more than 4 wheels are prohibited from driving in the restricted area. For a map indicating this area, please click on the following link: main_campus_-_circulation_restrictions_in_front_of_leacock.pdf

These restrictions will remain in place until further notice but are expected to be long term. They are necessary because of concerns relating to the structure of the road bed between the Redpath Museum and the Leacock Building.

The information should be relayed to affected suppliers, contractors, deliveries, and service technicians.

Parking restrictions at the Purvis Hall lot due to masonry project until further notice

The masonry contractor at Purvis Hall has cordoned off an area around the building with fences for the safety of pedestrians in the area while they are doing masonry work. Three out of the six parking spaces in this lot are inaccessible during the project. A projected completion date has not been given.

Permit holders using this lot may park in other “B2” zones until the project is completed. The largest of these lots is Drummond. Please click on designations and overflow in the left sidebar for a map of these locations.