Stéphane Richard

Stéphane Richard

Professor, Departments of Oncology and Medicine, McGill University
CIHR Investigator
James McGill Professor
FRSQ Chercheur National

Associate Director
Lady Davis Institute
Jewish General Hospital
3755 Côte Ste-Catherine Road
Montreal, Quebec H3T 1E2

Tel.: 514-340-8222 ext. 4470
stephane.richard [at] (Email)
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Expertise: STAR RNA Binding Proteins; Signal Transduction; Post-Translational Modification; Arginine Methylation

Recent Publications

Lijima T., K. Wu, H. Witte, Y. Lijima, S. Richard and P. Scheiffele. 2011. Sam68 regulates neuronal activity-dependent splicing of Neurexin-1. 
Cell 147:1601-14 
Tradewell M.L/Z. Yu, M. Tibshirani, M.-C. Boulanger, H.D. Durham, and S. Richard. 2011. Arginine methylation by PRMT1 regulates nuclear-cytoplasmic localization and toxicity of FUS/TLS harbouring ALS-linked mutations. 
Hum Mol Genet. 21:136-49 
Huang J., Z. Yu, G. Almazan and S. Richard. 2012. PRMT5 Regulates ID2 and ID4 Gene Expression during Glial Cell Differentiation. 
J. Biol. Chem 286:44424-32 

Yu Z., G. Vogel, Y. Coulombe, D. Dubeau, E. Spehalski, J. Hébert, D.O. Ferguson, J.Y. Masson, and S. Richard. 2012. The MRE11 GAR Motif Regulates DNA Double-strand Break Processing and ATR Activation. 
Cell Research 22:305-320 (IF: 9.4) 

Huot M.-E., G. Vogel, A. Zabarauskas, C. T Ngo, J. Coulombe-Huntington, J. Majewski and S. Richard. 2012. The Sam68 STAR RNA-binding protein regulates mTOR alternative splicing during adipogenesis. 
Mol Cell 46(2):187-99. 

Mallette F.A., F. Mattiroli , G. Cui, L.C. Young, M.J. Hendzel, G. Mer, T. K. Sixma and S. Richard. 2012. RNF8-dependent degradation of KDM4A/JMJD2A triggers 53BP1recruitment to DNA damage sites.
EMBO J 31(8):1865-78. 

Neault M., F.-A. Mallette, G. Vogel, J. Michaud-Levesque and S. Richard. 2012. Ablation of PRMT6 reveals a role as a negative transcriptional regulator of the p53 tumor suppressor. Nucleic Acids Res. Aug 16. [Epub ahead of print] Selected top 5% by NAR