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T-PULSE's Speaker Series invites well-known researchers who have not only achieved in their science, but have also made radical changes in their teaching methods, to share their knowledge and experience in both research and pedagogy. Four of the recent speakers in this series are Peter White, Graham Scott, Carl Wieman, Eric Mazur, and Craig Nelson.

Peter White
Evo-Ed: An integrative approach to evolution education in undergraduate biology


Graham Scott
Experiential and student managed learning as a means to promote student satisfaction, autonomy and engagement with learning


Carl Wieman
Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the tools of science to teach university-level science


Eric Mazur
Confessions of a Converted Lecturer


Craig E. Nelson
How You can have Brighter and Harder-Working Students: Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Science and Math



Previous speakers

Kevin Padian

Brian Bowe

Julie Cwikla

Diana Laurilard


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