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Teaching resources

There is a large body of useful literature about teaching in the science disciplines. It is largely unknown to most science instructors because it is distributed across many journals, many of which are unfamiliar, and it is therefore time-consuming to identify. Equally, the unfamiliar nature of the literature makes it hard for instructors to distinguish quality from mediocrity, or well-researched conclusions from unsupported opinions.

General TA techniques and tips booklet

This is a basic guide for TAs, beginner and experienced, who want to learn techniques to improve their teaching as well as get a better feel for their responsibilities as a TA. A new version of this resource is currently being worked on and should be available soon. Teaching Workshop Resources

Subject-specific resources

These resources were compiled by members of the T-PULSE in cooperation with representatives of the different disciplines. They provide entry points to the literature, with a balanced selection of articles pertaining to each field of study. Arranged by themes, they identify and address discipline specific questions pertaining to science teaching. Currently available: (chemistry), (physics), and (psychology).

Interested in adding to these resources?

Anyone from the Faculty of Science interested in helping the process along -- assisting with the preparation, or reading preliminary drafts -- should contact tomlinson [dot] project [at] mcgill [dot] ca (T-PULSE) with 'Resources' in the subject field.

Additional resources are available from Teaching and Learning Services. Their website provides "pedagogical resources intended to support you as a new instructor and hopefully improve the chances that you and your students will have a successful experience". Visit the site here: TLS Resources