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Advanced Learning Techniques Workshop


Do you wish you knew how to use your study time more efficiently? Are you finding that the way you studied before isn’t enough now that you’re in university? Then have we got the workshop for you!

Come to T-PULSE’s “Advanced Learning Techniques” workshop. At the workshop you’ll learn some cool facts about the science of how we learn. You will learn how to combine these facts with some thinking about your own thinking in order to come up with concrete ways to study more effectively and learn for the long term.

Advanced Learning Techniques is a workshop dedicated to showing Science undergraduate students techniques and tips to make their studying more efficient and their learning happen at a deeper level. Studying longer is often good but studying smarter is better!

The next Advanced Studies Technique workshop will be held March 20th, 2014 from 5:00-7:00pm in Redpath Museum room 106B (the Redpath Museum is here). If you're planning on attending please email tomlinson [dot] project [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: Advanced Learning Techniques) with the subject line "Advanced Learning Techniques".

 The slides for the March 2014 workshop are available here.