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Ria Ghai

Biography of T-PULSE Fellow Ria Ghai
Teaching Fellow

Ph.D. candidate

Department of Biology

Email: ria [dot] ghai [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Ria)

Ria has an Honours Animal Biology degree from the Univeristy of Alberta. She is currently a second year PhD student in Biology. Her research focuses on host-parasite interactions and disease transmission among primates in Kibale Nationa Park, Uganda.

Ria has been teaching children since the age of 16, when she started giving piano lessons to beginners aged 7-12. She has also taught Taekwondo lessons and mentored children as part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program. Ria’s career path has been heavily influenced by exceptional teachers and educators, and hopes to be able to inspire others through teaching and public speaking in science. She is currently teaching Biol 111 and Biol 304.