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Student Response System (Clickers)

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The Student Response System ("clickers") are wireless systems that can be used to collect answers from students in real time. They allow instant feedback, encourage students to interact, and let the lecturer ask more complex questions than can be answered by a simple show of hands. When used well, they can enhance both teaching and learning.

This site covers many aspects of using clickers, from the technical side of physically setting them up to guides to the more concept-oriented questions and learner-centred class dynamics that they encourage. T-PULSE also offers personalized assistance in using clickers. Look through the pages below and feel free to clickers [dot] t-pulse [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email us) if you have any questions.



Articles covering different aspects of pedagogy using clickers

The top four things you need to know about clickers

A conversation about clickers with Dr. Ken Ragan

Peer instruction in your classroom

Benjamin Young: clickers and mathematics

Watch videos of clickers being used in the classroom as well as different types of clicker questions that can be used (each video will open in a new page).

In-class use videos

Clicker use in a medium-sized mathematics class.

Clicker use in a large physics class.

Instructional videos

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Paired Engagement Question

Part 3: The Persuasion-Engagement Element

Part 4: The First Minute Question

Question Bank

Quick Reference Guide

Sample questions that can be used with clickers, split into field-specific sections (the links below will open on a new page):

A series of one-page references to some of the most common and useful clicker techniques.

The entire set of quick references:
Quick reference guide

Individual references:

Links and references

Click here for links to other sites concerning clickers and references to papers about clicker use.