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Recommended Pool of Questions

Each academic unit may select up to 21 of the recommended pool of questions when designing their course evaluations: the Academic Unit may include up to 18 questions and the instructor(s) may include up to 3 questions:

Recommended Pool of Questions [EN].pdf

Ensemble de questions recommandé pour les cours et les instructeurs [FR].pdf

If the course has teaching assistants, core questions 3 and 4 are required and up to 3 questions related to teaching assistants. Sample questions for teaching assistants can be found here:

TA Recommended Questions.pdf

Ensemble de questions recommandé pour les adjoints à l’enseignement [FR].pdf

The questions are identified as course or instructor-related; when there are multiple instructors, the instructor-related questions are asked for each instructor while the course-related questions are asked only once.

The list provides questions that address aspects of the instructor and course that have an impact on student learning, as well as providing useful information for improvement.  The list should address all domains and be consistent with the priorities of each academic unit.

Alternatively, each academic unit may choose to develop up to 21 questions of their own. It is recommended that these be reviewed with a consultant from Teaching and Learning Services.

All questioned are answered on a 1-5 scale where 1 = Strongly disagree, 5 = Strongly agree and 3 = Neutral.

A “Not Applicable” (N/A) option should be included where appropriate.

Comments boxes may be included for any question.

For more information on how to design questionnaires, please consult with a member of Teaching and Learning Services.