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Evaluation Periods

The default course evaluation period for regularly scheduled courses will be the same across the University. The time period normally runs for six weeks, and will end two days after the examination period is over. There is also a condensed evaluation period that shall end the day before the start of the examination period.

Mercury Departmental Liaisons

Each Academic Unit has a designated individual who serves as the Mercury Departmental Liaison between faculty members and the Mercury system administrator.

Online Manuals

Online manuals show you how to access and use the online course evaluation system, Mercury.

Strategies for Student Participation

Reminders, announcements and strategies for instructors, units and student leaders.

Administration & Procedures for Mercury Liaisons

The course evaluation procedure described here respects the Senate policy on end-of-term course evaluations approved on 23 April 2014.

Preparation of Questionnaires for Academic Units

Information on how to design questionnaires for course evaluations.