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Course Evaluations

Mid-Course Evaluations

Mid-course evaluation can be a great tool to make adjustments to an ongoing course. Find out more about how to carry out mid-course evaluations. 

End-of-Course Evaluations

End-of-course evaluations provide valuable student feedback and are one of the ways that McGill works towards maintaining and improving the quality of courses and the student’s learning experience. Find out more about the policies and Mercury Online Course Evaluation system.


View Faculty Means, Response Rate Data and Annual Reports from previous years.

Interpretation of Results

Guidelines and recommendations for interpreting results from Mercury course evaluations results. Sample tables for reporting of results and other great tools to help analyze the results. 

Mercury Access

Access information for students, instructors, teaching assistants, department unit heads and  Mercury liaisons.

Results to Community

Instructions on how to view previous course evaluation results for students, faculty and staff. In addition, permission form for instructors to disseminate course evaluation results.


Find out more about strategies to encourage student participation, how to administer course evaluations in a unit, How-To manuals, Mercury departmental liaison list, and the university-wide evaluation periods.


Need help with Mercury? 


FAQs for students, faculty and staff.