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Teaching Preparation Checklist

Teaching a course can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a good sense of the steps involved and the resources available. Below you will find a suggested timeline of required and recommended actions starting 6 months before the course starts, including ongoing actions. This is not a prescriptive list, but rather is offered as a guide. Note that items in bold print are required.

If you have any questions about this checklist, please contact tls [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: Teaching%20Checklist) (Teaching and Learning Services). For questions about other aspects of your course, please speak to your Chair/Director.

Download a printable version of this document [.pdf]

6 Months
  • Consult the course outline brief guide to prepare your course outline. Consult previous course outlines as appropriate
  • Order your books from the bookstore and develop / finalize course pack
  • Consult with the program director / co-instructors as appropriate. For courses that have pre-, co- or post-requisites, consult with the other instructors
  • Review Library checklist
3 Months to 1 Month
4 Weeks to 1 Week
  • Meet with your teaching assistants (TAs), if applicable. Consult TA Resources
  • Revisit IT and Library checklists (see above)
End of First Week
  • Review grading procedures and rubrics with TAs
End of First Month
  • Submit copy of your exam, including multiple versions of multiple-choice exams, to the Exam Office. Review exam scoring information if relevant
  • Consider offering mid-term course evaluations using an anonymous survey in myCourses
  • Use this form to add up to three (3) questions to your end-of course evaluation (Mercury) questionnaire. View more information about end-of course evaluations
End of Semester