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688 Sherbrooke room 1265


688 Sherbrooke Street West


24 students

Alignment with Principles for Designing Teaching and Learning Spaces

Student Faculty Interaction

  • Round tables (6 students), movable chairs
  • Easy to move around room between tables
  • Central movable podium (wireless keyboard and mouse controls instructor podium computer)
  • Additional wall podium (where the computer is and the phone, etc…)

Active / Collaborative Learning & Enriched Educational Experiences

  • 5 screens (1 SmartBoard, 4 projectors around room)
    • 1 SmartBoard (new multi-touch board allowing you to use two hands to move objects)
    • Each table has their “own” projector to work on – connections on each table allow groups to use their “own” projector
  • Multiple sources
    • Instructor podium computer (connected to SmartBoard)
    • Document Camera
    • Laptop connection
  • Whiteboards surrounding room (nearly 3 full walls of whiteboard)
  • Screen Sharing
    • Can send SmartBoard to all 4 other projector screens
    • Can easily allow students to use SmartBoard (or use wireless keyboard and mouse to control podium computer)
    • Students can screen share without extra technology – the room is small enough to easily see all screens from anywhere in the room
  • Low-tech videoconferencing
    • Camera in corner of room can view entire room (and can be controlled by the instructor with a remote to zoom in, zoom out, etc..) acts as a webcam attached to instructor podium computer
    • Can be used to bridge to another location with Skype, Adobe Connect, etc… allowing students to interact with external participants

Supportive Campus Environment

  • Better zoning of lighting
  • Natural light
  • Subtle colours that indicate table groups

Further information about Active Learning Classrooms at McGill