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Classroom Standards

The Classroom Standards Working Group was mandated by the Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG) to develop a document titled Classroom standards and guidelines for distribution. This document is intended to be the primary source of information to describe formal learning spaces at McGill and is meant to compliment and guide the existing technical standards from University Services, IT and the Office of Students with Disabilities. This primary goals of this document are to provide:

  1. Principled guidelines for room design, construction and/or renovation of formal learning spaces
  2. Descriptions of formal learning spaces to aid in room selection for specific teaching and learning needs

These standards were derived from the literature on teaching and learning as well as best practices at peer institutions. These standards will facilitate consistent design of our teaching and learning spaces as well as instructor support in classrooms across the University. Its intent is to help provide more consistent teaching and learning environments across our campus. Recommendations are focused on feature requirements, guidelines and procedures. If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of this group, Adam Finkelstein (adam [dot] finkelstein [at] mcgill [dot] ca) from Teaching and Learning Services. 

The classroom standards are complemented by other existing University Services design standards. These include Facilities' detailed design standards and Standards for a Barrier-Free Campus.