McGillX MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses

McGill is part of the edX consortium of 36 leading institutions from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia dedicated to offering online interactive classes to enhance education on their campuses and for a worldwide community of learners.

MOOCs are not just canned courses or recorded talking heads. They provide new methods for:

  • packaging course materials,
  • facilitating peer-to-peer learning, and
  • conducting assessments in order to improving teaching


McGill has selected four MOOCs for developent. The McGillX page contains a list of all current offerings from McGill:

1. CHEM 181x - Food for Thought
2. ATOC 185x - Natural Disasters
3. BODY 101x - The Body Matters
4. GROOCx - Social Learning for Social Impact

To contact the McGillX team, please email mcgillx [dot] tls [at] mcgill [dot] ca.