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Questions: Asking and Answering

These resources address the varied ways in which questions may be used in the classroom, from the use of student-response systems (SRS, or “clickers”) to gauge student comprehension for writing better multiple-choice questions, to using conceptual questions to guide teaching and learning.

Key Learning Theories

These resources include research-based overviews of learning theories and models, offering context for instructors who are interested in learning about the theory behind recommended approaches to teaching and learning.


Active and Collaborative Learning Strategies

These resources range from handbooks on facilitating group work, to writing-to-learn activities, to video capsules on addressing active learning challenges and student resistance.

Professional Organizations

Instructors interested in learning more about the community involved in teaching and learning in higher education (both in Canada and beyond) may find these lists of journals, conferences and associated professional organizations useful.


List of journals from Kennesaw State University: http://www.kennesaw.edu/cetl/resources/journals.html

Teaching Resources

This page offers resources for instructors on a range of topics related to teaching and learning, from assessing learning to facilitating discussion to using technology in support of learning. Click on the plus (+) sign and resources link next to the category of interest below to learn more. If you have suggestions for other categories or additional resources we should offer, please contact us here.