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Course Outline Guide

Below, you will find information on preparing a course outline in keeping with current McGill policy.

Course Outline Brief Guide - Printable Version [.pdf]

Teaching at McGill

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) provides an entry point for your questions and support needs for teaching at McGill. Teaching is central to McGill's mission of offering our undergraduate and graduate students the best education available and is guided and supported by many policies, activities and units at McGill. 

Course & Program Design & Teaching

TLS is dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning at McGill by supporting instructors, departments and Faculties in the implementation of learning-centered course and curriculum design and teaching.

University-wide Initiatives

Introduction to Course Design and Teaching Workshop (ICDT)

The ICDT is an intensive,   1 ½ day workshop where McGill faculty (re) design a course and exchange feedback with peers to improve course design and teaching.  More info…

McGill Policies and Guidelines related to Teaching

The following is a list of all policies and guidelines that directly address teaching at McGill. Note that other policies may apply depending on course circumstances; please contact tls [at] mcgill [dot] ca if you have any specific questions.

Please note that there are University requirements for policy statements in course outlines; please consult the Course Outline Brief Guide for details.

External Teaching Awards

Alan Blizzard Award

The Alan Blizzard Award is a team-based award which was established to recognize exemplary collaboration in projects and initiatives designed to enhance university teaching and learning. Collaborative work can take place within a discipline, or across departmental, administrative and institutional boundaries. Read more

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