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Medical Education Teaching Awards

McGill's Faculty Development Office in Medical Education provides links to a number of awards for excellence in medical and dental education sponsored by various national colleges and associations of Medicine and Dentistry. Additional to those listed is the CAME Certificate of Merit Award sponsored by the Canadian Association for Medical Education.

Teaching Awards

Dr. Ann Wechsler accepts award from from Principal Suzanne Fortier and Provost Anthony Masi. (Photo by Owen Egan)

Other National Awards

CASE Canadian Professor of the Year

Another important national teaching award which existed between 1986 and 2004 (the program is still active in the United States as the U.S. Professors of the Year Awards Program) was the CASE Canadian Professor of the Year.

Alan Blizzard Award

The Alan Blizzard Award was established to encourage, identify, and publicly recognize those whose exemplary collaboration in university teaching enhances student learning. learning. The Award honours Dr. Alan Blizzard, STLHE President from 1987 to 1995, and his convictions about the effectiveness of collaboration in team teaching for student learning. From the beginning in 2000, the Award has been sponsored by McGraw-Hill Ryerson.

3M Teaching Fellowships

The national 3M National Teaching Fellowship award is given to individuals who not only excel in the teaching of their own courses, but also demonstrate an exceptionally high degree of leadership and commitment to the improvement of university teaching across disciplines, at their home institutions and beyond.

McGill University Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Learning

The McGill University Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Learning recognizes sustained excellence in leadership and innovation, as well as the active integration of teaching and learning with inquiry, scholarship and research. Nominations for this award must come from Faculty Deans, but all faculty members, students, former students, and others are encouraged to bring forward names of colleagues and professors whose long-term achievements and contributions to learning at McGill are truly outstanding.

Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching, established to recognize excellence in teaching and its importance to the academic experience of students at McGill University, is traditionally awarded at Fall Convocation at the Faculty Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor ranks.

Call for Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

University-Wide Teaching Awards

Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching recognizes teaching excellence at four different levels: professor, associate professor, assistant professor and faculty lecturer. The guidelines for the 2016 Prize are now available.

Faculty/Department-Based Teaching Awards

There are a number of Faculty-based awards for University teaching. Some are awarded on a periodic basis, while others are awarded fairly consistently. If your specific Faculty or teaching unit has an award and/or a record of previous winners, please email tls [at] mcgill [dot] ca so that we can create a link to this information.