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course evaluations

Course Evaluation Reports

Faculty Means

The reports provide means for each Faculty and the School of Continuing Studies. The means are presented by course level and by class size for the four questions which appear on all course evaluations (Q1-Overall, this is an excellent course; Q2-Overall, I learned a great deal from this course; Q3-Overall, this instructor is an excellent teacher; Q4-Overall, I learned a great deal from this instructor.)

Note: You need to login using your McGill email and password in order to access the Faculty means:

End-of-Course Evaluation Policy

Approved by Senate on April 23, 2014. The changes have been implementated for Fall 2014.

Download a printable version: McGill Course Evaluation Policy [.pdf]

Mid-Course Evaluations

Why do mid-course evaluations?

  • You can still make adjustments to your course.
  • Students are more likely to recognize the value of course evaluations and thus also complete the end-of-course evaluations.

When should mid-course evaluations be done?

  • Early enough to be able to respond to feedback; typically sometime between weeks 4 through 7 for regularly scheduled courses.

How to carry out mid-course evaluations?

  • Below are four effective strategies instructors can use to obtain feedback from students.

Mercury Evaluation Periods

Default Evaluation Period

The default course evaluation period for regularly scheduled courses will be the same across the University. The time period normally runs for six weeks, and will end two days after the examinaton period is over.

Consultation Services

TLS offers a consultation service designed to assist instructors, administrators and staff, in analyzing and enhancing or developing their teaching skills. The service is free of charge to all McGill and Macdonald Campus faculty and staff.

To request a consultation, please complete the consultation request form.

TLS offers two types of consultations:

Strategies to encourage student participation

University-wide email reminders

Reminders with a direct link to access Mercury will be sent by the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) to all students with course evaluations to complete. These will be sent to the students’ McGill email accounts. Once they complete their course evaluations, students stop receiving these reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Course Evaluations

Please note that there are two new documents to help students complete course evaluations and help faculty interpret results.

Course Evaluation Results available to McGill Community

The course ratings reported on the site are only one indicator of teaching effectiveness, and these results should be treated with caution since they represent reports only for the particular courses and terms designated.

End-of-course evaluations may be used, as one indicator of teaching effectiveness,