TLS Staff Members

TLS staff form a team consisting of academic, professional, administrative staff and student assistants. TLS collaborates on a variety of teaching and learning initiatives with faculty members in academic departments University-wide, and with other members of the University community who provide instructional support to faculty, such as IT Services and the Library.

Eva Dobler

Project Officer
Tel: (514) 398-4811
eva.dobler [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Teaching support for faculty through consultations, workshops and faculty learning communities.

  • M.A. in Linguistics, McGill University; sessional lecturer at the Department of Linguistics, McGill University.

  • At TLS since 2012 full time; prior to that I worked for TLS as graduate student assistant (2009-2012).

  • I learn best when I have to explain the material to somebody else.

Jennie Ferris

Teaching and Learning Planner
Tel: (514) 398-3374
jennie.ferris [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Teaching and learning spaces (TLSWG, UTLWG, ALCs), the Law Teaching Network, teaching resource development, workshops and teaching awards support.

  • PhD Candidate in Education (McGill); Masters of Library and Information Studies (McGill); Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education / minor in English (University of Maine at Farmington). 

  • At TLS since 2009.

  • I learn best when I write, or when I can learn through practice (depending on the type of learning).  

Adam Finkelstein

Academic Associate
Tel: (514) 398-1766
adam.finkelstein [at] (Email)

Justin Fletcher

Learning Technology Consultant
Tel: (514) 398-2195
justin.fletcher [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Mercury System Administrator; Educational technologies (myCourses, student response systems, classroom AV, and videoconferencing); site administrator for TLS.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in East Asian Studies and Anthropology (McGill); former President of the Arts Undergraduate Society (2013-2014)

  • At TLS since 2014.

  • I learn best when confronted with a challenge.

Alastair Hibberd

Alastair Hibberd

Project Administrator, Graduate Education
Tel: (514) 398-2613
alastair.hibberd [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: SKILLSETS flagship events and Graduate Orientation Week.

  • Masters in Educational Leadership, McGill University 2017.

  • At TLS since 2015.

  • I learn best when I facilitate other people's learning.

Meganne Hirsch

Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (514) 398-4455 ext. 09610
meganne.hirsch [at] (Email)

Bio coming soon!

Sandrine Hoindo-Donkpegan

Sandrine Hoindo-Donkpegan

Administrator, HR & Finance
Tel: (514) 398-6650
sandrine.hoindo [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: I support the leadership of TLS Director and manage the Human Resources functions and Finance duties for TLS in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures. 

  • Former Administrator (Legal Services), Personnel Coordinator (Dean’s Office, Faculty of Engineering), Student Affairs and Administrative Coordinator (Enrolment Services), Administrative Coordinator (HR Employee Relations). Leadership Development Program graduate (2014, McGill); Certificate in HR Management (2004, McGill). Completed higher education in France.

  • At TLS since 2012.

  • I learn best when the material taught is of interest and I can apply it to help build on competency or expertise.

Photo of Kimberly John

Kimberly John

Project Administrator
Tel: (514) 398-1358
kimberly.john [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: I’m responsible for the design, development and delivery of Leadership and Science Communication training opportunities for students under the Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative and the SKILLSETS Leadership Project.

  • BSc. Zoology (minor Geography), University of the West Indies, Jamaica; MPhil. Zoology, University of the West Indies, Jamaica; MSc. BioResource Engineering, McGill University. Prior to McGill, I worked for many years with The Nature Conservancy as freshwater ecologist and science programme manager. 

  • At TLS since 2017.

  • I learn best when I have the time and space to reflect and connect the dots.

Maggie Lattuca

Program Manager, Online Graduate Education
Tel: (514) 398-3300
maggie.lattuca [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Responsible for the implementation of the new Online Graduate Program.

  • Masters in Educational Technology, University of British Columbia (2005). IT Portfolio Manager, Educational Technology (2007-2016). Recipient of the 2012-2013 Principal’s Award in the Team Projects category.

  • At TLS since 2016.

  • I learn best when I can immediately put the learning into practice.

Photo of Alex liepins

Dr. Alexander Liepins

Skills Development Officer
Tel: (514) 398-1359
alexander.liepins [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Responsible for SKILLS21, the skills development program for McGill undergraduate students.
  • Ph.D. (Philosophy) University of Ottawa 2017; M.A. (Philosophy) Memorial University of Newfoundland 2011; B.A. (Philosophy) Wisconsin Lutheran College 2008.

  • At TLS since 2017.

  • I learn best when I can take a systematic and conceptual approach to well-defined learning objectives.

Diane Maratta

Diane Maratta

Learning Technology Consultant
Tel: (514) 398-1311
diana.maratta [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: working with faculty, teaching academic staff, and teaching assistants to improve teaching and increase student learning with the use of various learning technologies.

  • Previous experience in designing and developing e-learning; working in corporate, community and post-secondary settings; Master’s in Educational Technology with a BA in Human Relations and Minor in Adult Education

  • At TLS since 2014.

  • I learn best when I test things out through trial and error.

Photo of Erin McDonagh

Erin McDonagh 

Skills Development Program Administrator
Tel: (514) 398-5087
erin.mcdonagh [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: SKILLSETS, SKILLS21, TLS Events

  • Master of Arts, Public History (Concordia, 2010) and Master of Library and Information Studies (McGill, 2015). At McGill, I have worked with several units, including Classroom Audio Visual Services, Student Services and the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada where I coordinated the multi-site course Making the Future (a collaboration with TLS).

  • At TLS since 2017.

  • I learn best when I am allowed to talk over my ideas with a group of similarly enthusiastic learners, and when I give my curiosity free reign.

Maria Orjuela-Laverde

Dr. Maria Orjuela-Laverde

Academic Associate
Tel: (514) 398-5704
maria.orjuela-laverde [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: My main project at TLS is the Teaching Enhancement Initiative in the Faculty of Engineering.

  • I have worked in the field of education for more than 15 years, ranging from informal learning in museum settings to teaching and learning in higher education. 

  • At TLS since 2012.

  • I learn best when I repeat stuff through different means and/or formats.

Mary-Jo Rahal (on leave)

Skills Development Program Administrator
Tel: (514) 398-5087
mary-jo.rahal [at] (Email)

Bio coming soon!

Nazanin Rostami

Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (514) 398-6648
nazanin.rostami [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: I provide administrative support for all workshop activities.

  • Bachelor of Arts.

  • At TLS since 2016.

  • I learn best when I plunge into action and have the freedom to explore!

Dr. Carolyn Samuel

Academic Associate
Tel: (514) 398-1712
carolyn.samuel [at] (Email)

  • PhD (Second Language Education); former Senior Faculty Lecturer (taught at the McGill Writing Centre, in the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education); at McGill since 2002 and have collaborated with TLS on various projects over the years; recipient of two teaching awards at McGill.

  • At TLS since 2016.

  • I learn best when I have to teach new content and when that content is meaningful to me.

Marcy Slapcoff

Marcy Slapcoff

Senior Academic Associate
Tel: (514) 398-3024
marcy.slapcoff [at] (Email)

Nancy St-Pierre

Nancy St-Pierre

Project Administrator
Tel: (514) 398-5939
nancy.stpierre2 [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: I provide administrative support to the Director of TLS, act as Secretary to several committees (STL, TLSWG, UTLWG), and coordinate the university-wide teaching awards (PPET, LAALL). Finally, I am responsible for ensuring that pedagogical consultations are responded to in a timely fashion.

  • From 2005-2009, I was an administrative coordinator in the Office of the Provost.

  • At TLS since 2009.

  • I learn best when I have fun.

David Syncox

Skills Development Manager
Tel: (514) 398-6750
david.syncox [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Responsible for Graduate Education Initiatives at McGill including SKILLSETS, a suite of professional development workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and supervision training, workshops, and resources for faculty members.

  • MA Second Language Education (McGill) and BA Psychology (Lakehead).

  • At TLS since 2009.

  • I learn best when I am engaged and have opportunities to contribute, connect new information to previous knowledge, and practice. 

Dr. Mariela Tovar

Senior Academic Associate
Tel: (514) 398-5996
mariela.tovar [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Teaching support for faculty through workshops, events and consultations (e.g., Course Design Workshop);  Assessment and Feedback Group (Chair); Discipline-specific teaching initiatives (e.g., The Law Teaching Network; Food Science Accreditation).

  • PhD in Education, Indiana University. USA; Associate Professor in Education at Concordia University (1982-1997), Montreal; Educational consultant in environmental and human rights education.

  • At TLS since 2005.

  • I learn best when I am able to discuss ideas with other people.

John Van Heest

Communications Administrator
Tel: (514) 398-4455 ext. 09554
john.vanheest [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Communications for the student skills development portfolios, SKILLS21 and SKILLSETS.

  • Graduate Diploma in Communications and Public Relations Management (McGill); Bachelor of Arts in Art History (University of Delaware). Prior to McGill, I worked within the cultural nonprofit sector and taught at the undergraduate level at Drexel University (Philadelphia).  

  • At TLS since 2017.

  • I learn best when I’m presented with a teaching opportunity or when my intellectual curiosity grabs hold and I can’t escape its clutches.

Claire Walker

Claire Walker

Online Course Designer
McGillX Project
Tel: (514) 398-5050
claire.walker [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

  • Masters in Educational Technology from Concordia University. Prior to joining TLS, I worked at the Canadian Space Agency training astronauts and mission controllers on the operation of Canadarm2 and developing educational resources for students across Canada. 

  • At TLS since 2013.

  • I learn best when I handwrite my notes and complete hands-on projects.

Dr. Laura Winer

Tel: (514) 398-4232
laura.winer [at] (Email)

  • Projects at TLS: Oversees all TLS initiatives; works most closely on online education initiatives and Mercury, the online course evaluation system, as well as policy and strategic issues.

  • PhD (Educational Technology). Prior to coming to TLS, I worked at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, then moved to the Office of the Provost and CIO. I have taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels in educational psychology and educational technology.

  • At TLS since 2008.

  • I learn best when I am able to interact with others who are equally interested.

Photo of Mariette Xenopoulos

Mariette Xenopoulos

Learning Technology Consultant
Tel: (514) 398-3934
mariette.xenopoulos [at] (Email)

Bio coming soon!



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