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Visit projects below to learn more about current and future sustainable practices as well as the research that fosters those practices. We'll feature McGill Faculty of Engineering initiatives here that represent our mandate and that help people understand and appreciate science and technology in new ways.                                                                                          

TISED SURE Prizes 2014

TISED is an active participant in an innovative McGill program — called Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (S•U•R•E) — that enables undergraduate students to learn more about their discipline through paid, summer internships at McGill laboratories and research institutes. This year, we had 3 TISED prizes (relating to sustainability in engineering and design, of course!) for the SURE projects. Congratulations to these students and their supervisors!

Yaoyao Zhao (left) and Justin Hayto (right)
Yaoyao Zhao (left) and Justin Hayto (right). Photo by Owen Egan

Category: Energy and Carbon Footprints

Justin Hayto, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project: Flame propagation speed in aluminum suspensions with varying oxygen and inert diluent concentrationsPoster[.pdf]

Supervisor: David Frost




Yaoyao Zhao (left) and Julia Bond (right)
Yaoyao Zhao (left) and Julia Bond (right). Photo by Owen Egan

Category: Sustainable design and construction of the built environment

Julia Bond, Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Project: Time-dependent deformation and properties of Queenston Shale. Poster[.pdf]

Supervisor: Patrick Selvadurai





Yaoyao Zhao (left) and Shawn Chahal (right)
Yaoyao Zhao (left) and Shawn Chahal (right). Photo by Owen Egan

Category: Water & Environment

Shawn Chahal, Department of Chemical Engineering

Project: Effect of Engineered Nanoparticles on Activity of Extracellular Nutrient-Cycling Enzymes in Soil Systems: Role of Nanoparticle Bioaccessibility (Size and Coating). Poster[.pdf]

Supervisor: Nathalie Tufenkji




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