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Susan Gaskin


Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Recent Publications/Creative Works

  • Garcia Holguera, M., Clarke, G., Sprecher, A. & Gaskin, S. (in press) Ecosystem biomimetics: energy system diagrams for characterization of environmental performance of buildings, International Journal of the Constructed Environment.
  • Suerich-Gulick, F., Gaskin, S.J., Villeneuve, M. & Parkinson, E. (accepted ) Free surface intake vortices:  theoretical model and measurements, Journal of Hydraulic Research.
  • Folifac, F. & Gaskin, S.J. (2011) Partnership or profiteering in joint community water supply projects in Cameroon?  Lessons from the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) – Mautu project, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply.11(4):409-417.
  • Carrera-Hernandez, J.J & Gaskin, S.J.(2009) Water management in the Basin of Mexico: current state and alternative scenarios. Hydrogeology Journal, 17:1483-1494.
  • Walid Khawam, K. Virjee & S. Gaskin (2006) Water demand management in the Caribbean: analysis of water tariffs and metering in Barbados, Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, 31(2):1-24.

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