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Jan Kopyscinski


Department of Chemical Engineering

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Recent Publications/Creative Works

  • Kopyscinski J, Seemann MC, Moergeli R, et al. "Synthetic natural gas from wood: Reactions of ethylene in fluidised bed methanation" Appl Catal A 462-436 (2013) 150-156
  • Habibi R, Kopyscinski J, Masnadi MS, et al. "Co-gasification of biomass and non-biomass feedstocks: Synergistic and inhibition effects of switchgrass mixed with sub-bituminous coal and fluid coke during CO2 gasification" Energy Fuels 27 (2013) 494-500
  • Kopyscinski J, Lam J, Mims CA, et al."K2CO3 catalyzed steam gasification of ash-free coal. Studying the effect of temperature on carbon conversion and gas production rate using a drop-down reactor" Fuel 128 (2014) 210-219
  • Kopyscinski J, Rahman M, Gupta R, et al. "K2CO3 catalyzed CO2 gasification of ash-free coal. Interactions of the catalyst with carbon in N2 and CO2 atmosphere" Fuel 117 (2014) 1181-1189

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