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Andrew Boyd


Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Recent Grants Received

  • Evaluating the Combined Effects of Stress and Exposure on the Deterioration Rate of Concrete

Recent Publications/Creative Works

  • A.J.K. Komar, J.A. Hartell & A.J. Boyd, 2013. Pressure Tension Test: Reliability for Assessing Concrete Deterioration. 7th International Conference on Concrete under Severe Conditions - Environment and Loading, RILEM, Nanjing, China, pp 337-344.
  • Y. Shao, V. Rostami, A.J. Boyd & Z. He, 2013. Microstructure and Properties of Concrete Subject to Early Carbonation Curing. 3rd Specialty Conference on Engineering Mechanics and Materials, CSCE, Montreal, QC, Canada, 10 pp, CD-ROM.
  • C.C. Ferraro, A.J. Boyd & G.R. Consolazio, 2013. Evaluation of damage to bridge piers using pulse velocity tomography. Journal of Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier, Vol. 38, pp 1303-1309.
  • V. Rostami, Y. Shao & A.J. Boyd, 2012. Carbonation Curing versus Steam Curing for Precast Concrete Production. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 24, No. 9, pp 1221-1229.
  • J.A. Hartell & A.J. Boyd, 2012. Determining Sulphate Movement in Concrete Exposed to Evaporative Transport. 9th fib International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering, fib, Karlsruhe, Germany, pp 511-518.