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Ahmed El-Geneidy


School of Urban Planning

Recent Grants Received

  • NSERC Discovery- Towards a better understanding of trip satisfaction, behavior and needs among different groups of population over time.
  • Direction de la planification et de la coordination des ressources (MTQ).
  • The effects of using articulated buses on transit performance (STM).

Recent Publications/Creative Works

  • Willis, D., Manaugh, K., & El-Geneidy, A. (2013). Uniquely satisfied: Exploring cyclists trip satisfaction. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 18, 136-147.
  • Grimsrud, M., & El-Geneidy, A. (2013). Transit to eternal youth: Lifecycle and generational trends in Greater Montreal public transport mode share. Transportation, 40(6).
  • Jacques, C., Manaugh, K., & El-Geneidy, A. (2013). Rescuing the captive [mode] user: An alternative approach to transport market segmentation. Transportation, 40(3), 625-645.
  • Manaugh, K., & El-Geneidy, A. (2013). Does Distance Matter? Exploring the links among values, motivations and satisfaction in walking trips. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 50, 198-208.
  • Wasfi, R., Ross, N., & El-Geneidy, A. (2013). Achieving recommended daily physical activity levels through commuting by public transportation: Unpacking individual and contextual influences. Health and Place, 23, 18-25.

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