Protective wear inspired by fish scales

23 Jan 2017

For several years, François Barthelat and his team have been trying to replicate the kind of protection combined with flexibility offered by certain kinds of animal scales. Their goal is to create...

Green roofs for stormwater retention and flowrate attenuation

Seminar by Denis M. O’Caroll, ARC Future Fellow and Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Water Research Laboratory, Connected Waters Initiative, UNSW Sydney.

Sustainable Innovation through Green Chemistry (2017)

Green Chemistry is a rapidly growing area as companies grapple with increased regulatory requirements, supply constraints, and consumer demands for sustainable products. Now in its fifth year, this...

Nitrogen, Nitrogen Footprints and their Management


This event is being hosted by the Trottier Institute for Science and Public Policy (TISPP), within the Faculty of Science at McGill University. This is free, open to the public, no registration...

The global challenge for water supply: is seawater desalination a sustainable solution?


Prof. Menachem ElimelechRoberto Goizueta Professor of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University, and Director of the Environmental Program...

An Urban Experiment – WXY Recent Work

An event held on November 14, 2016, organized as part of the McGill University "School of Architecture Lecture Series"


We educate future engineers, urban planners, and architects by offering new courses, integrating sustainability into programs and enhancing education 'outside the classroom' too! Sustainability...

"Modern Alchemy: Materials for Green Petroleum" by Canada Excellence Research Chair, Dr. Steven Bryant

TISED was honoured to host Canada Excellence Research Chair, Dr. Steven Bryant on "Modern Alchemy: Materials for Green Petroleum" on April 13th, 2016. Seminar overview