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Québec energy consultation

In fall 2013, the Commission sur les enjeux énergétiques du Québec launched a public consultation process looking at energy issues. Citizens and organizations throughout Québec are expressing their opinions, sharing their expertise and making suggestions about ways to deal with the main energy issues facing Québec.  What energy-related challenges will Quebecers face in the future?

Opinion: Montreal can be a world leader in engineering innovation

Thu, 2013-05-30 14:51

" In recent months, the engineering profession in Quebec has been disparaged. It  is vital that the hard-won title of “engineer” regain its honour — because  beyond the controversies, the fact remains that excellence in engineering is one  of Montreal’s greatest strengths." Full Story

Source Site: /tised

Total E&P Distinguished Visitor Speaker Series

Made possible through a generous donation by Total E&P Canada, one of our most high-profile activities is a distinguished visiting speaker series that is open to academics, students, the public, government representatives and McGill’s industry partners. These prestigious and well-publicized events are tailored to attract experts in our thematic areas. The insights these speakers share and the discussions they generate will help to advance new sustainability initiatives and position McGill as a leader in this field. We'll keep you updated on our next planned speaker!

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