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SED Talks! Learn more

SED Talks! is an educational and skills-building series for graduate students in McGill's Faculty of Engineering to learn, make connections, and advance sustainability using McGill research in one of these three areas:

SED Talks! The Rules


After I submit, what's the timeline?

  • By mid-September: TISED will let you know if you were selected by our judges
  • Mid-September to mid-November: If selected, you develop your presentations and prepare, with TISED's support and training!
    • Includes practice rounds, training sessions with various experts, and more
  • Mid-November: Prestigious seminar event showcasing your work

You are eligible to submit an entry for SEDTalks! if:

Student funding

Graduate students

TISED currently supports McGill graduate fellowships that are funded through generous donations. TISED also supports fellowships for research projects related to sustainability. The fellowships, with leveraged funding, are awarded for three years and are administered as part of the McGill Engineering Doctoral Award (MEDA) program by the Faculty of Engineering.