How do we build resiliency in the face of climate change? What solutions are experts - from academics to practitioners - proposing, developing, and implementing?

This year's Annual Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy, and Design will focus on 'Planning for Resiliency in the Face of Climate Change'.

April 4 & 5, 6pm to 8pm, Centre Mont-Royal.

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Are you a scholar from outside McGill whose research is aligned with TISED's goals?

TISED's Scholar-in-Residence program provides support for scholars and experts to conduct collaborative and interdisciplinary research and teaching in sustainability. 

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The 5th annual Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy and Design


Are a current or prospective engineering student?

TISED works to complement current and planned initiatives to help ensure that sustainable engineering components are present in all undergraduate programs. 

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Interested in volunteering with TISED?

We are looking for student volunteers to help us with events this spring.

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The Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED) operates within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University.

TISED promotes bold and green ideas through education, outreach, and research, where we aim to connect our institution with the public for a greater understanding of sustainability issues in our society. 

Engineering, architecture and urban planning professionals play key roles through their involvement in everything from sustainable development and aerospace industry success, to manufacturing sector renewal, improving infrastructure, and our energy horizon.