MSc in Psychiatry (Social and Transcultural Psychiatry)

The MSc degree in Psychiatry with a focus on transcultural psychiatry is a program to develop research skills in trainees with a background in psychiatry, psychology or other health or social sciences.

Prerequisites include undergraduate training in a discipline relevant to transcultural psychiatry, basic knowledge of statistics, and demonstrated excellence in academic work and research ability. Students will be asked to take courses in anthropology, epidemiology or other areas to complement their background. Required courses are graduate seminars in Cultural Psychiatry and in Psychiatric Epidemiology.

The degree emphasizes the design and conduct of a research project with the preparation of a thesis. Students will only be admitted with the sponsorship of a faculty member who agrees to supervise their research work. The MSc program does not provide clinical training and does not contribute to qualification for clinical practice. The Department of Psychiatry also offers an ad hoc PhD in Psychiatry.

General requirements for the program and administrative information can be obtained from:

Department of Psychiatry Graduate Studies website

or contact the
Graduate Program Coordinator
Ms. Danielle Bastien
Department of Psychiatry
1033 Pine Avenue West
room 111
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1A1

Tel.: 514-398-4176
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