Research Themes

Examples of the faculty's ongoing studies that will provide research opportunities for trainees include:

  • Longitudinal epidemiological and ethnographic studies of determinants of mental health and illness in immigrant and refugee populations (both national and Quebec surveys)
  • Cultural and social influences on the social stigma and clinical treatment of psychoses
  • Social and cultural determinants of help-seeking and barriers to use of mental health services
  • Negotiation of meaning and modes of adaptation among patients, families and practitioners of different cultural backgrounds in early psychosis
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of cultural consultation in primary care and mental health settings
  • Cross-national comparative study of citizenship, ideology and social policy determinants of models of mental health services for multicultural societies
  • Transfer of bioscience knowledge in genetics to psychiatric theory and clinical practice
  • Ethnographic and conceptual analysis of ethical issues in transcultural psychiatric research and in the provision of culturally competent care

Other topics are emerging and applicants are advised to review the publications and profiles of individual faculty to identify current areas of interest.