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Nathalie Dinh, PhD

Nathalie Dinh, Ph.D., is Professional Chief of Psychology at St. Mary's Hospital Center, in Montreal, Canada. She received her training in psychology at McGill University and the University of Montreal. Prior to becoming a psychologist, she obtained business and administrative education from Concordia University and held various managerial positions in communications and marketing in the aerospace industry in Montreal and Paris, France.

Dr. Dinh trains medical students, psychology interns, psychiatric residents and palliative care residents in the formulation of cultural diagnostic interviews with individuals and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. She also lectures on qualitative research methodologies, specifically conversation analysis. She is a consultant to the Cultural Consultation Service at the Jewish General Hospital. She chairs the Regroupement pour la psychologie culturelle of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec and of the Advisory Committee for Cultural Quality of Care of St-Mary`s Hospital.  Her current research interests include integrating evaluative instruments and psychotherapeutic approaches toward a culturally-sensitive assessment in patient care.

nathalie [dot] dinh [at] mcgill [dot] ca (e-mail)

Selected Articles

Dinh, N.M.H,  Groleau, D., Rodriguez, R., Kirmayer, L.J., Bibeau, G. (2012). The Impact of the uses of the DSM-IV Outline for Cultural Formulation by a Mental Health Multidisciplinary team: A Conversation Analysis. Anthropology and Medicine.

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Dinh, N.M.H. (2010). The Uses of the Outline for Cultural Formulation of the DSM-IV: From Case Conceptualization to Treatment Plan. Département de psychologie. Faculté des arts et des sciences.  Papyrus, University of Montreal.

Dinh, N.M.H., & Groleau, D. (2008).  Traumatic amputation: A case of Laotian indignation and injustice. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 32(3), 440-457.

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Dinh, N.M.H., and Groleau, D. (2008). Traumatic amputation: A case of Laotian indignation and injustice. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 32(3), 440-457.

Selected Book Chapter

Kirmayer, L.J., Jarvis, G.E., Dinh, N.M.H., and Groleau, D. (2014). Development of the Cultural Consultation Service: Training, Implementation and Evaluation. In L.J. Kirmayer, C. Rousseau, and J. Guzder (Eds.), Encountering the Other: The Practice of Cultural Consultation (Chapter 3). New York, NY: Springer SBM.