Duncan Pedersen, MD

Duncan Pedersen is currently an Associate Scientific Director (International Programs) at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute.  A physician, trained in public health, social epidemiology and medical anthropology, has an extensive research experience in Latin America, mostly amongst indigenous peoples and the urban poor in countries of the Andean region (Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru), the Amazon basin and Northeast Brazil. More recently, he has extended his research in global mental health to Guatemala, Jamaica and Nepal.  His current interests include global health research and cross-cultural, ethnographic and epidemiological research on violence and mental health outcomes, where the issues of traumatic memory and trauma-related disorders, resilience, healing and coping strategies remain his most prominent concerns.  He holds the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Psychiatry and leads the Global Mental Health Research initiative based at the Douglas Hospital (http://www.mcgill.ca/tcpsych/research/ global-mental-health-research). Dr. Pedersen has written numerous articles and book chapters in global health, medical anthropology, indigenous health, traditional medicine, stigma, racism, and social exclusion; political violence, trauma, and mental health outcomes. From 2000 to 2010, he served as Senior Editor for the renowned international journal Social Science & Medicine and is a member of the Editorial Board of SSM, Anthropology & Medicine, Transcultural Psychiatry and Salud Colectiva.

duncan [dot] pedersen [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) website

Selected Articles

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Module No. 1: Salud Mental de la Comunidad (with Edith Huayllasco).

Module No. 2: Promoviendo Comunidades Saludables (with Edith Huayllasco).

Module No. 2bis: Practicas médicas tradicionales e investigación participativa.

Module No. 3: Abuso de Alcohol: Pautas para la intervención en la atención primaria de salud (with Edith Huayllasco).

Module No. 4: Problemas Relacionados con la Violencia: Violencia Familiar y Abuso Sexual contra la Mujer.

Module No. 5: Problemas Relacionados con la Violencia: Violencia Organizada.

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